The Siege at Leeds

Leeds Castle – Sun 12th Nov 2017

It’s called a Scarp. It is sometimes inlaid with bricks and stones and the steeper it is, the more effective it becomes. Opposite the Scarp is the Counterscarp and together these two ramparts form the basis of a defensive ditch used to keep invaders from the fortress.

I very much doubt that the grass embankment infront of me (tackled every lap instead of the unridable and muddy alternative route) was a Scarp or Counterscarp but it was bloomin’ big! Continue reading “The Siege at Leeds”

East Kent Cyclocross League

Newington Community Cross – Sun 15th Oct 2017s

Having completed one whole race already this season I thought it high time for a rest and decided to attend this week’s East Kent Cyclocross League as a spectator. (Any thoughts of racing had started to disappear upon waking and having to conduct a hungover search for a bottle of Gaviscon). Anyway, I preferred the mud, didn’t I? Today would be fast and flat and suited those who’d had a good night’s sleep. Continue reading “East Kent Cyclocross League”

Easter Weekend 2017

So with a four day holiday and fine weather, what should we do ? Extra rides of course.

Good Friday was the bonus road ride and an easy 30 mile ride was nominated. Nine riders showed up at the start and set out on a typical route through Iwade and Faversham to The Freewheel at Graveney. Top notch coffee and cakes – which is always a sign of a good ride. A few extra lanes were included on the way back through Kingsdown. Paul and Luke made the minimum distance 50 miles. Those from further through the towns up to 62 miles. Continue reading “Easter Weekend 2017”