2022 Hill Climbing Competition

2022 Results
NamePointsNo Hills Cycled1st on a hill
Keith Walker1131914
Steve Penny96182
Marin Stoichkov55150
Finn Dunton4674
Samuel Painter4160
David Smith33140
The 2022 hills

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Hill numberStrava NameLocationHeight Gain (m)Route Length (km)Max GradientAverage Gradient
1Toys HillNorth of Four Elms, the road heading directly to Toys Hill1722.614.76.6
2Ide HillNorth from the Bough Beach Reservoir on B 2042, Ide Hill Road951.619.55.9
3Yorks HillThe finish is 500m east of Ide Hill top1231.9119.36.3
4Bayleys HillBaileys Hill - west of Sevenoaks Weald along Bowzell Road1182.1216.35.6
5Hubbards HillEast of Sevenoaks Weald on Glebe Road to join Hubbards Hill Road1111.42137.5
6Carters HillGreat Hollanden Farm, Mill Lane through Underriver and up1282.3720.75.4
7Plaxtol - The SnailWhite Rose Corner along School Lane, Plaxtol to Ivy Hatch1074.112.22.6
8Pillar Box to the TopStart south of Dunk's Green on Park Road head NE871.3514.26.4
9Gover Best ElevationForge Lane from West Peckham, onto Gover Hill to start the segment761.0116.97.5
10Yalding HillYalding on B2010 at junction with Kenward Road, head north and up911.3516.86.7
11Barn HillBarn Hill starts from Lughorse Lane at The Old Rectory861.1216.27.6
12Hunton HillHunton Hill from junction with Lughorse Lane north810.9811.58.3
13Amsbury Road ClimbEast of Hunton actually Bonflower Lane - incorrect Strava name1021.220.48.5
14Vanity LaneWest of the busy Linton Hill A229 at junction with Barnes Lane901.16197.7
15Wierton HillBelow Boughton Monchelsea from Lower Farm Road up Long Lane952.4814.23.8
16East Hall HillJust 400m east of Long Lane on Hermitage Lane on East Hall Hill801.01247.8
17Chart Hill0.5km east of East Hill just after Lucks Lane meets Chart Hill Road741.4117.65.2
18Charlton Lane ClimbSouth of Kingswood climb on Charlton Lane from Divers Farm821.5416.45.3
19Ulcombe HillStarting just to the north of Ulcombe before the pub onwards & up831.3214.36.3
20Liverton Street HillGrafty Green climb Headcorn Road 90m gain towards Platt's Heath901.0623.77.6