2024 Hill Climbing Competition schedule

Hill climbs selected local to the start of the Wigmore Cycling Clubs Sunday ride, all within 15 km. These are only fun challenges. Please monitor yourselves and observe all traffic codes. Keep safe and no posthumous prizes will be awarded.

Climbs to be on a bicycle and must be recorded on Strava to collect activity data with visibility open to all to allow WCC to collate results and provide updates during the year.

Click on the name of the hill to open a link to the Strava segment in a different tab.

Hill numberStrava NameLocationHeight Gain (m)Route Length (km)Max GradientAverage Gradient
1Chatham Hill (railway bridge to bus lights)From the east side of Rainham A2 onto Mierscourt Road south.650.925.30%7.00%
2Birling Hill Full but also cover the shirt version.From Birling to the top of the Downs1512.5416.20%5.90%
3Scragged Oak (Full Climb)From the west end of Queendown Warren towards showground.993.1510.60%3.10%
4Gallent Lane (Full)Between East Farleigh & Kettle Corner, Gallent Lane climb south.811.7612.90%4.60%
5Cliffe RoadStrood leave north on Frindsbury Road 2nd left target Broomhill.430.747.20%5.70%
6Frinstead ClimbSouth of Sittingbourne to Frinstead.731.4717.10%4.90%
7Cobhambry RoadFrom the Bush Road Cuxton upwards to Cobham.711.5312.40%4.50%
8Climb up Capstone Road towards LidsingBase of Ash Tree Lane the length of Capstone Road.712.9311.00%2.40%
9Cold Blow Lane, ThurnhamFrom Pilgrims way between Detling and Hollingbourne.940.9220.10%10.30%
10Faversham Road UphillFrom the A20 in Lenham north steep after the dog leg.651.1211.20%6.00%
11Boxley Road Climb, WaldersladeRobin Hood Lane base, the Sherwood Oak pub south and up.611.887.40%3.20%
12Warren LaneHartlip to Queendown Warren611.8710.40%2.80%
13Straight Hill StockburyQueendown Warren along Cradles Road to Stockbury.580.929.40%6.10%
14South Green ClimbFrom south bound A249 to South Green531.5210.80%4.10%
15Col de Rue d'EcoleWouldham, to become popular with the one-way system.480.8512.00%5.70%
2024 Hill Climb Competition locations

The red circle identifies the area at a radius of 15 km from Rainham.

The 15 hills selected for the 2024 challenge are within this circle and are all existing Strava segments.

All WCC members are welcome to take part and either send their results to Scorekeeper@wcc.bike or save the activity in Strava with “visibilty all” to permit result data to be collected.


Here is a map showing the start and finish of each of the climbs, click here.


Here are some routes that include all the climbs (but feel free to create your own):

ROUTE 1: Garmin route to reach Hills; 15 (Col de Rue d’Ecole) , 2 (Birling Hill), 7 (Cobhambry Road, down) and 5 (Cliffe Road):
35 miles

ROUTE 2: Garmin route to reach Hills; No 12 (Warren Lane, down), No 13 (Straight Hill Stockbury), No 14 (South Green Climb) and No 6 (Frinstead Climb)
25 miles

ROUTE 3: Garmin route to reach Hills; No 3 (Scragged Oak), No 9 (Cold Blow Lane) and No 9 (Faversham Road).
38 miles

ROUTE 4: Garmin route to reach Hills; No 1 (Chatham Hill), No 8 (Capstone Road) No 4 (Gallant Lane) and No 11 (Boxley Road, down).
36 miles