2021 Evening 10 reports

E10 tt lEAGUE, rOUND 14, 21ST jULY 2021

We were back on the 2 miles circuit at Iwade, on a dull but calm evening. Most of the riders were expecting it to be a hard 10 miles, and they were not wrong. Only one person managed to improve, that was Steve Harman. Well done Steve!

Steve improved by 14s when he recorded 26m 29s and gets 20 points in the Handicap League. The nearest to an improvement was Jamie Harris, who was 15s slower than his best time this season with a time of 24m 58s. and adds 19 points to his Handicap tally. Ed Everall collected 18 points to add to his Handicap total, with his 24m 47s ride, just 24s outside his best, and took 4th place overall.

Kate Savage still leads the Handicap League with 165 points and must finish higher than 8th  in the Handicap League to gain any more points. The chasing pack is closing in on her, with Jamie Harris just 7 points behind with 158 points. He must finish 10th or higher to improve his tally. Tom O’Dell is 3rd with 148 points from 9 rides and could go top with a win next week. With five events left and 100 points still available, there are many riders who could finish in the top 3 positions.

The winner was Antony Bee, who inflicted the first defeat on Keith Walker in this season’s evening events. Antony clocked an impressive 23m 13s, to beat Keith by 47s. Phil Appleby was 3rd with 24m 42s. Frankie Finch is now leading the Junior league. Riding his first event for 8 weeks, due to exams, he must be satisfied with his time of 29 m 18s. It was good to see Richard Masters in action again, 3 years since his last event.

Many thanks to all the helpers, they were Antony Bee, Paul Buckley, Mike Finch, Kevin Ford, Clin Maisey, Dave Smith and Martin Trice.

Next Wednesday, 28th July, we will be on the same course. There is  a limit of 25 riders, starting at 7.30 pm.


E10 TT lEAGUE, rOUND 13, 14TH JULY 2021

When the riders were signed on at 7 pm, there was a strong wind blowing and they were expecting a hard 10 miles of racing. Amazingly 30 minutes later, with the first rider on the start line, the wind dropped, and conditions were very good.

The winner was Antony Bee with an excellent time of 22m 48s, beating Keith Walker’s course record by 31s. Antony improved by 44s on his fastest E10 time this season, to get 20 points in the Handicap League. In 2nd place was Tom O’Dell, finishing with 24m 19s. Tom narrowly avoided being hit by a motorist who did not think he should give way to a cyclist on a roundabout. Ed Everall recorded a PB time of 24m 23s, which was an improvement of 35s, giving him 19 points in the Handicap League and 3rd place overall. Jamie Harris improved by 20s when he clocked 24m 43s, getting 18 points in the Handicap League.

The Handicap League is getting interesting with only six events left to score more points. It is possible to get another 120 points, so keep on trying.

Kate Savage is leading with 162 points from 10 events. Her lowest position this season is 8th, so she must finish higher than 8th to improve her points tally. Jamie Harris has 149 points from 10 rides with a lowest placing of 11th. Next is Tom O’Dell with 148 points from 9 rides.

Many thanks to all our helpers. They were Antony Bee, Paul Buckley, Kevin Ford, Clin Maisey, Richard Masters, Len Osborne, Martin Trice, Keith Walker and Dave Wastall.

Next Wednesday, 21st July, we will be at Iwade on the old 2-mile circuit, starting at 7.30 pm. Juniors are welcomed back to race.


E10 tt lEAGUE, rOUND 12, 7TH July 2021

Wednesday night’s evening 10 hosted by the Medway Velo club unfortunately clashed with the England Euro semi-final, so fewer riders took the start. There was a 2-up competition, with 4 pairs of riders, and 5 solo riders taking the start.

Both competitions ended up being very close races. Firstly Tom Odell and Phil Appleby riding standard road bikes edged out Alex Cook and Matt Nunn (MVC) on time trial bikes by 3 seconds to take the win in 24.05. Rob Kennison and Tom Kennison (MVC) finished in third place with a time of 25.06. Fourth place, in a very respectable time of 26.19, was the Wigmore pairing of Steve Harman and Dave Wastall.

The solo event was a very close 3-way contest between the very rapid Finn Dunton ( Elite Cycling Team) using a standard road bike, and regular fast veterans Keith Walker and Antony Bee. Finn Dunton took the win in 23.21 edging out Antony Bee by 2 seconds. Series leader Keith Walker possibly close to notching up yet another outright win, punctured on the last turn of his 5th lap, and proceeded to the finish line on foot, Chris Froome-style, to still register a 32.53 and classified 5th place, to still score points. Very shrewd!

Kate Savage like all other riders found the 13 mph headwind on the back straight very tough going finished in 27.03, a good half a minute down on her course PB, to take third place in the solo event.

Next Wednesday the 10 is due to be run again on the old Sheppey way course (Q10/45). Rumours of road works on the course may well mean reverting back to the 5 lapper, which we will use for the rest of the season.

Antony Bee


E10 TT LEAGUE, ROUND 11 30th JUNE 2021

It was a cold dull evening but at least the wind was in a helpful mood, giving the riders a 3-mile tailwind to the finishing line. It was so good five of them recorded their fastest time this season in the evening 10-mile events.

The most improved rider for the 2nd week running was Kate Savage, with a P.B. time of 26m 08s, an improvement of 25s, giving her another 20 points in the Handicap League. She is now leading the Handicap League with 149 points. 2nd best-improved rider was Jamie Harris, his time of 25m 03s was an improvement of 19s and gaining him 19pts in the Handicap League. This brings his total to 131 pts and 3rd position overall. Julian Barton recorded 25m 34s to take 3rd improved rider with a + of 17s.

You can guess who the winner was. It was Keith Walker, his 9th win from 9 rides. He set a new course record with a time of 23m 19s. Tom O’Dell was 2nd with 24m 21s and Jamie Harris 3rd with 25m 03s. After putting all the signs out, Antony Bee rode on his road bike His TT bike was being repaired but he still managed to take 4th place with 25m 10s.

Many thanks to all our helpers. They were Antony Bee, Paul Buckley, Kevin Ford, Nick Howlett, Clin Maisey, Richard Masters, Franco Dela Mura, Len Osborne and Charlotte Wilkin.

Next Wednesday, July 7th, the event is being organised by Medway VC starting at 7 pm on the old 2-mile circuit at Iwade. This is a 2up event, but you can ride solo. If the majority of Wigmore members ride as a 2up, no points will be awarded in the league competitions.



Iwade>Sheppey – Q10/45

We were back on the new Iwade>Sheppey course this week and with the wind in a more favourable direction than it was two weeks ago, every rider was hoping for a fast time. It was not to be. Only one rider improved, that was Kate Savage, who improved by 2s on her best Iwade time this season with 26m 33s. This gave her 1st place in the Hcp league.

The winner was Keith Walker with 23m 39s, that is his 8th win from 8 rides. He also claimed 2nd placed vet on age standard  with a + 3m 45s and 3rd in the Handicap League with – 16s. Just 3s slower than Keith was Antony Bee with 23m 42s, a time good enough to take 1st placed vet with + 3m 49s, and 2nd Hcp with -10s. 3rd vet was Franco Dela Mura with a + 36s. Phil Appleby was going well until he punctured at the 3 miles point.

People are wondering why the times are not faster on this course. The only reason I can put it down to is that it is like an old fashion TT where riders were not passed very often, unlike the 2 miles circuit. On this course, riders are continually passing or being passed by other competitors.

Whilst the event was on, Phil Booth did a traffic count at Sheppey RA. The good news is there were only 400 vehicles per hour, a 50% drop from the 7.30pm start time.

Many thanks to all our helpers, they were. Antony Bee, Paul Buckley, Cameron Carthew, Finn Dunton, Kevin Ford, Jamie Harris, Jackie Howlet, Nick Howlet, Clin Maisey, Richard Masters and Len Osborne.

Next Wednesday, 30th June we will be on the new Iwade>Sheppey course starting at 7.45pm.


E10 TT LEAGUE, ROUND 9, 16TH jUNE 2021

Iwade – Q10/20

With a high traffic count at Sheppey R.A. last Wednesday, there were 800 vehicles per hour, the limit is 600 per hour, we were back on the old Iwade circuit for the inter-club event with the Medway VC. It is not the best course for an inter-club event but at least we had an event.

On a warm and calm evening, riders found it hard to get near their best times, in fact, only three Wigmore riders improved.

The winner was Rob Kennison ( Medway VC) with a good time of 23m 23s, just 6s faster than Keith Walker’s 23m 29s. Third place went to Matt Nun ( Medway V. C. ) with 24m 02s. The team prize went to Medway VC with a time of 2h 27m 41s, whilst Wigmore recorded 2h 30m 07s. Congratulations to Medway VC and many thanks to Phil Booth for organising the event.

As for the Wigmore riders, Tom O’Dell was 4th with 24m 13s and Cameron Carthew 6th with 24m 44s. Most improved rider was Dave Bishop with a + 31s,  whilst 2nd  was Cameron Carthew + 14s and 3rd improved rider was Steve Bishop + 11s.

Whilst the event was in progress, Antony Bee was doing another traffic count at Sheppey R.A. The result was that we can use the new course provided we start at 1945 Hrs.

Next Wednesday 23rd  June,  we will be at Iwade using the new course starting at 1945 Hrs. we will need many marshals for this course to allow it to go ahead, so please come and help your club.

Many thanks to our helpers Paul Buckley, Nick Howlet, Clin Maisey, Mike Finch and Richard Masters.


E10 tt LEAGUE, rOUND 8, 9TH jUNE 2021

Iwade>Sheppey – Q10/45

All good racing cyclist plan out the events that they want to do well in.

This is what Phil Appleby has done. He realised that if he could be the first rider to finish on the new Wednesday 10 mile course he would be a course record holder. And that is exactly what he did. Starting number 2, he really tried in the tough conditions. With a south westerly wind blowing, riders had to battle against a head wind for the last three miles. Having passed rider number 1, Phil was now first rider on the road. Sprinting over the finishing line to record 23m 36s, 7s faster than his season’s best on the Iwade circuit, he had achieved his ambition to be a course record holder.

Unfortunately for Phil, it only lasted 11m 58s before Keith Walker snatched the record from Phil by 2s. Although Keith was 13s slower than his best this year at Iwade, he was pleased with his time of 23m 34s, considering he had ridden a 100 mile TT the previous Sunday. Third place went to Tom O’Dell with another sub 24m time, with 23m 57s. Tom was 6s slower than his best Iwade time.

Most improved rider with a + 1m 25s was Steve Bishop, I do not know what he was doing last week?! 2nd was Franco Dela Mura + 24s and in 3rd place was Julien Barton + 22s.

Only two riders had problems with the new course, they were Cameron Carthew who had to stop at Sheppey Cowstead roundabout due to a line of traffic and Ed Everall who decided to see what Leysdown is like on a sunny evening! The only other problem was at Sheppey roundabout where a traffic count was taken and it was found to be over the limit.

Next Wednesday 16th June we are at Iwade for an Inter-club with the Medway VC starting at 7.30pm. The fastest six riders from each club count in the team competition. Medway Velo have decided to use the old Iwade circuit.

Many thanks to all the helpers. They were: Andy from the Sheppey Velo, Antony Bee, Paul Buckley, Mike Finch, Kevin Ford, Nick Howlet and his sister, Clin Maisey, Richard Masters, Len Osborn, Dave Smith, Martin Trice and Stuart White.


e10 TT League, Round 7, 2nd June 2021

Iwade – Q10/20

With an entry of 24 riders, of whom 13 were Wigmore members, for this event organised by Medway VC, riders found the warm and calm conditions ideal.

The winner was Wigmore rider Keith Walker with a fast time of 23m 22s, just 1s slower than his season-best on the Iwade circuit.  2nd was Finn Dunton (Elite CT) just 2s slower with 23 m 24s. Joint 3rd were Phil Appleby and Tom O’Dell with 23m 51s. Phil will be pleased with his time having ridden a 50 mile TT on the previous Sunday. Tom improved again, cracking the 24m barrier for the first time and recording a PB. Tom started the season with a 26m 55s ride and seems to improve every week.

It is about time the non- vets started beating Keith, he is old enough to be their father!

1st place in the Handicap League went to Ed Everall with an improvement of 55s, closely followed by Steve Harman +53s and Dave Bishop +35s.

Many thanks to Phil Booth the organiser and all the helpers, they included Antony Bee and Martin Trice from the Wigmore CC.

Next Wednesday, 9th June, we will be using a new course at Iwade, starting at 7.30 pm.


e10 TT League, Round 6, 26th May 2021

Iwade – Q10/20

With a north westerly wind blowing across the course, it was going to be a hard 10 miles of TTing!

When the winner Keith Walker finished 27s slower than his best time this season on the Iwade circuit, you realised how hard it was.

Only three members Improved this week, they were Steve Harman by 14s, Julian Barton +8s and Ed Everall +4s. Kate Savage managed to equal her fastest time. These riders took the top placings in the Handicap League.

What a tight result it was with only 4 seconds separating the first three riders. Keith Walker was 1st, with a time of 23m 48s, closely followed by Cliff Cunningham (4T+) with 23m 51s., and Antony Bee 3rd with 23m 52s.

It was also close in the Vets competition where Antony Bee came 1st with a +3m 39s, just 3s better than Keith Walker. Julian Barton was 3rd with a +0m 33s.

It was good to see Steve Bishop and Marin Stoichkov riding again in the evening events. This now makes 21 members who have ridden in an evening event this year.

Many thanks to all of our helpers, they were, Phill Appleby, Antony Bee, Paul Buckley, Mike Finch, Kevin Ford, Clin Maisey, Richard Masters, Tom O’Dell, and Dave Wastall.

Next Wednesday 2nd June, the event is being organised by Medway VC and they have invited us to join them, start time 7 pm.


E10 TT LEAGUE, ROUND 5, 19th May 2021

Iwade – Q10/20

It may have been raining in Medway last Wednesday at 6 pm, but a few miles away near Iwade, the roads were dry and the big black cloud hovering over the course drifted away to leave a clear sky and good conditions for the event.

Once again Keith Walker was fastest with a time of 23m 24s, just 3s slower than last Wednesday. In 2nd position was Phil Appleby with 24m 06s.  Ever improving Tom O’Dell took 3rd spot with 24m 24s – a time which was good enough for 3rd place in the handicap league with an improvement of 15s. Franco Dela Mura was 1st improving by 42s and Cameron Carthew 2nd with a + of 38s.

We were short of helpers, so Antony Bee and Kate Savage kindly offered to marshal instead of riding.

Many thanks to all our helpers, they were, Antony Bee, Kevin Ford, Clin Maisey, Richard Masters, Kate Savage, Dave Smith, Martin Trice and Alex Woolley.

Next Wednesday 26th May we will be at Iwade, starting at 7.15 pm.


E10 TT LEAGUE, ROUND 4, 12th May 2021

Iwade – Q10/20

Clin’s report, still to come.

For Kent Online report, click here: https://www.kentonline.co.uk/medway/sport/personal-bests-and-fierce-rivalry-at-wigmore-tt-247297/

E10 TT LEAGUE, ROUND 3, 5th May 2021

Iwade – Q10/20

Cancelled due to bad weather.

E10 TT LEAGUE, ROUND 2, 28th APRIL 2021

Iwade – Q10/20

It was another cold and windy evening, but with the wind in a different direction, so most riders were faster than last week.

Jamie Harris and Tom O’Dell both improved by 1m 42s and Cameron Carthew by 1m 39s.

The fastest was Keith Walker with an excellent time of 23m 33s. Phil Appleby was second with a very good time of 24m 02s, with Tom O’Dell 3rd with a time of 25m 13s.

Spare a thought for young Harry Brown who punctured at the start.

Many thanks to all the helpers, they were,

Antony Bee, Paul Buckley, Mike Finch, Kevin Ford, Clin Maisey, Richard Masters, Dave Smith and Martin Trice.

Next Wednesday, 5th May, we will be at Iwade again with the Medway VC, starting at 7 pm.


For Kent Online report, click here: https://www.kentonline.co.uk/medway/sport/improved-weather-leads-to-quicker-times-at-wigmore-tt-246543/


Iwade – Q10/20

This year’s evening 10 mile TT series started on time, unlike last year when it was July before we were allowed to start any TT.

With a cold wind blowing into their faces at the start, 13 riders braved the elements, with 10 Wigmore members which included 2 new to time trailing and 1 new member.

Congratulations to Cliff Cunningham (4T) whose time of 24m 52s was very good in the windy conditions. In 2nd place, just 10s slower was club General Secretary Phil Appleby. I believe Tom O‘Dell’s time of 26m 55s is a PB which gave him maximum points in the HCP League. He has obviously been training hard during the lockdown.

New time trialists Adrienn Rocco and Harry Brown (who is 17 years old) did very well to complete the course. New member Kate Savage has raced before and decided to join the Wigmore this year.

We hope you were not put off by the weather conditions, it can only improve. We hope to see you next Wednesday. Kate’s husband Mike Savage took some fabulous photo’s of the event and are available on his website to buy should you wish to do so.

Next Wednesday 28th April we will start at 7 pm with sign-on from 6 pm till 6.45 pm.

Many thanks to all the helpers. They were Antony Bee, Mike Finch, Kevin Ford, Clin Maisey, Richard Masters, Rodney Smith, Martin Trice and Bill Windsor.

Just a reminder, every rider should help with the running of two events (juniors are excluded from this rule). If we get enough non-racing members helping you will only have to help once. You cannot win an award if you do not help.


For Kent Online report, click here: https://www.kentonline.co.uk/medway/sport/tough-conditions-for-opening-round-of-wigmores-tt-series-246125/