2020 Evening 10s

The season has been shortened due to Covid-19. All appropriate social distancing measure are in place. Events are sanctioned by CTT.

26th August 2020

E10 – Iwade Q10/q20

1stLance ChildsTrainsharp00:22:35
2ndRodney SmithWigmore CC00:23:29
3rdKeith WalkerWigmore CC00:23:39
4thJames HawkinsGemini BC00:23:50
5thHenry SalmonGS Advanti00:24:29
6thLeighton DalleyElite Cycling00:24:40
7thMatt NunnMedway Velo00:25:21
8thPhil ApplebyWigmore CC00:25:36
9thMike StanleyMedway Velo00:25:59
10thDavid BishopWigmore CC00:26:28
11thJamie HarrisWigmore CC00:26:31
12thCameron CarthewWigmore CC00:26:41
13thJulien BartonWigmore CC00:26:59
14thKate SavageGravesend CC00:27:10
15thTom OdellWigmore CC00:27:33
16thSteve HarmanWigmore CC00:27:39
17thDave WastallWigmore CC00:28:09
18thAdrian PykeSheppey Velo00:29:09
19thDylan HarmanWigmore CC00:33:35
Howard WoodcockSheppey VeloDNF

The last evening T.T. of the season was well supported (maximum 20 riders) on a calm warm evening. These conditions often turn out to be hard going as most of the riders soon found out.

The winner, Lance Childs, had no problems with the conditions, racing round the course to finish after 22m 35s. We believe this is a course record for a Junior. Well done Lance, a  great ride for a junior.

Fastest club rider was Rodney Smith with 23m 29s, just 10s faster than Keith Walker. Surprising everyone was Phill Appleby (Gen Sec) who was 3rd fastest Wigmore rider with 25m 36s. This was Phill’s first event for 16 months and he has not forgotten how to spin the pedals round. New member Tom Odell rode his first evening T.T. and recorded a good time of 27m 33s and took top position in the Handicap League.

Top placings in the various leagues were:

Scratch, Club events, Anderson points, Rodney Smith, Keith Walker, Phill Appleby. Vets, Rodney Smith, Keith Walker, Dave Bishop. Hcp, Tom Odell, Cameron Carthew, Phil Appleby. Junior, Dylan Harman.

Dylan was the only Wigmore junior to ride and has gained enough points to win the Junior league. At 14 years of age, Dylan has kept going each week and gradually improved his times. Well done Dylan.

It is still possible to get more points in the Anderson Points league by finishing in the top 20 places in open events until the end of September.

Many thanks to all the helpers who were, Anthony Bee, John Booty, Paul Buckley, Kevin Ford, Clin Maisey, Richard Masters, Dave Smith, Graham Strugnell and Martin Trice.

The next club promotion will be our open Hill Climb. This take’s place on September 27th, at Hollingbourne Hill. The closing date for entries is September 15th.

If you are not entering contact Anthony or Martin and offer to help on the day. Let us make it another successful event, similar to the evening T.T.


19th August 2020

E10 – Iwade Q10/Q20

Cancelled due to bad weather.

12th August 2020

E10 – Iwade Q10/Q20

1stJoe AustinSheppey Velo00:21:52
2ndKeith WalkerWigmore CC00:23:50
3rdRoss Matheson4T+00:24:16
4thBarry StewartBigfoot CC00:24:52
5thMatt NunnMedway Velo00:25:15
6thAndy PoleMedway Tri00:25:35
7thJamie HarrisWigmore CC00:25:37
8thJulien BartonWigmore CC00:25:57
9thMike StanleyMedway Velo00:26:02
10thDavid BishopWigmore CC00:26:32
11thCameron CarthewWigmore CC00:26:50
12thMartin WallerSheppey Velo00:27:10
13thKate SavageGravesend CC00:27:16
14thFranco DellamuraWigmore CC00:27:18
15thSteve HarmanWigmore CC00:27:42
16thDave WastallWigmore CC00:27:45
17thRosie WallaceLIV00:27:56
18thNick HowlettWigmore CC00:28:48
19thRobert SoaneUniversity of Notts00:29:09
20thHoward WoodcockSheppey Velo00:29:19
21stFrankie FinchWigmore CC00:30:58
22ndJake DobbinsWigmore CC00:31:37
23rdDylan HarmanWigmore CC00:33:04

It was going to be a hard 10 miles on a warm but very windy Wednesday evening. Only 4 of our 12 club members managed to improve their time’s in this seasons evening TTs. Even the winner Joe Austin was 11s slower, he could only manage a 21m 52s ride. Well done Joe you are in a class of your own on Wednesday evenings.

Most improved rider was Franco Dela Mura with a +15s, closely followed by Dylan Harman + 12s. Not far behind them were Dave Wastall + 4s and Jake Dobbins + 2s. The last three all recording PBs. The largest deficient was 35s. This means only 50s separated our 12 members in the handicap competition. With just two remaining events to ride and points ranging from 10 to 1 for 1st to 10th place, most of you can finish in the top three placings.

This week’s top 3 positions in the various leagues were as follows:

Scratch, Club events and Anderson points, Keith Walker, Jamie Harris, Julien Barton. Vets, Keith Walker,  Julien Barton, Dave Bishop. Hcp, Franco Dela Mura, Dylan Harman, Dave Wastall. Junior, Frankie Finch, Jake Dobbins, Dylan Harman.

It is good to see Rosie Wallace supporting the club events again. Rosie joined the club about seven years ago and represented Wigmore C.C. in Go-ride and junior events. Rosie is now a student at Nottingham University and rides for LIV a ladies sponsored team. With all her studies and pub crawls I do not know where she finds time to keep fit.

Many thanks to all the helpers who were Anthony Bee, Paul Buckley, Rowan Dobbins, Mike Finch, Kevin Ford and Clin Maisey.

Next Wednesday ( 19-8-20 ) we will be at Iwade starting at 1845 Hrs.


5th August 2020

E10 – Iwade Q10/20

1stRodney SmithWigmore CC22:55
2ndAntony BeeWigmore CC23:18
3rdKeith WalkerWigmore CC23:19
4thSteve SmithMedway Velo24:32
5thMatt NunnMedway Velo24:34
6thAlex CookMedway Velo24:51
7thJulien BartonWigmore CC25:43
8thDave BishopWigmore CC26:03
9thMike StanleyMedway Velo26:06
10thFraser BlandfordMedway Velo26:11
11thKate SavageGravesend CC26:22
12thCameron CathewWigmore CC26:37
13thJamie HarrisWigmore CC26:48
14thSally SmithMedway Velo27:22
15thRosie WallaceLiv-Awol27:24
16thDaniel BerkhauerMedway Velo27:32
17thFranco Della MuraWigmore CC27:33
18thDave WastallWigmore CC28:15
19thNick HowlettWigmore CC28:27
20thRobert SoaneUniversity of Nottingham CC29:39
21stMarin StoichkovWigmore CC31.03
22ndFrankie FinchWigmore CCDNF

After Wednesday’s T.T. with the San Fairy Ann was cancelled the Medway V.C. kindly invited us to join them at Iwade to ride a 10 mile T.T.

On a warm but windy evening, most club members recorded season’s P.B’s,  whilst Julien Barton, Cameron Carthew and Marin Stoichkov all posted P.B’s.

The winner Rodney Smith, who at long last had managed to tear himself away from his “Turkish Delight” finished with a very good time of 22m 55s, Anthony Bee was 2nd  with a time of 23m 18s – just 1s faster than 3rd placed Keith Walker.

Top point’s scorer’s this week were:

Scratch, Club Events, Vets and Anderson Points, Rodney Smith, Anthony Bee, Keith Walker; Hcp Marin Stoichkov, Cameron Carthew and Nick Howlett.

Many thanks to Phill Booth (M.V.C.) who organised the event and all our club members for helping. These were: John Booty, Paul Buckley, Mike Finch, Clin Maisey and Len Osborne.

Next Wednesday ( 12-08-2020) we are at Iwade with a 19:00 start time.


You are supposed to ride on the left side of the road, not in the middle or right side. When negotiating the first left turn after the start, you must stay in the nearside lane. If you go outside the left lane you may be DISQUALIFIED.


29th July 2020

E10 – Iwade Q10/20

1stJoe AustinSheppey Velo00:21:41
2ndKeith WalkerWigmore CC00:23:25
3rdAlex WoolleySheppey Velo00:23:47
4thGlenn HutchinsonSheppey Velo00:24:03
5thLeighton DalleyElite Cycling00:24:32
6thRoss Matheson4T+00:24:36
7thSteve PennyRochester CC00:24:55
8thJamie HarrisWigmore CC00:25:05
9thPhilip SeysRochester CC00:25:27
10thDan WoppleVC Deal00:25:28
11thDavid BishopWigmore CC00:25:57
12thJulien BartonWigmore CC00:25:58
13thMike StanleyMedway Velo00:26:22
14thCameron CarthewWigmore CC00:26:57
15thKate SavageGravesend CC00:27:15
16thDan GregorySheppey Velo00:27:24
17thChris SmithSheppey Velo00:27:36
18thDave WastallWigmore CC00:27:54
19thAdrian PykeSheppey Velo00:28:00
20thNick HowlettWigmore CC00:28:45
21stHoward WoodcockSheppey Velo00:29:26
22ndFrankie FinchWigmore CC00:30:12
23rdGraham StrugnellKassei00:30:48
24thDylan HarmanWigmore CC00:33:16
William MurtaghFTP RacingDNF

Another fantastic time on a lovely evening for time trialling.

This week it was Joe Austin who produced the ride of the evening with a time of 21m 41s, just 1s slower than last week’s winning time.

The club was well represented with 9 riders amongst the 25 entries, most of them recording P.B. for the season.

Top places in the club leagues were as follows.

Scratch, Club Events and Anderson points, Keith Walker, Jamie Harris, Dave Bishop. Vets, Keith Walker, Dave Bishop, Julien Barton. Hcp, Dave Bishop, Jamie Harris, Frankie Finch.

Many thanks to all the helpers, they were. Anthony Bee, John Booty, Paul Buckley, Mike Finch, Steve Harman, Clin Maisey, Len Osborne, Robert Philbrook, Martin Trice and Dave Smith.

Next Wednesday (5th August) we have an inter-club 10-mile T.T. at Iwade with the Medway Velo starting at 1900 Hrs. Medway V.C. will have the signing on sheet but you pay your entry fee to a club official. Be there early to get on the start sheet.

Hope to see you all next Wednesday.


22nd July 2020

E10 – Iwade Q10/20

1stNeil HarringanGemini BC00:21:40
2ndSam Fuller7oaks Tri00:22:29
3rdAlex PearsonWoolwich CC00:22:49
4thMartin JonesColour Tech00:22:57
5thJames HawkinsGemini BC00:23:06
6thWilliam MurtaghFTP Racing00:23:32
7thGary GraylandCC Bexley00:23:42
8thKeith WalkerWigmore CC00:24:00
9thAndrew BatesColour Tech00:24:04
10thLeighton DalleyElite Cycling00:24:22
11thNathan WoodsSheppey Velo00:25:02
12thDan WoppleVC Deal00:25:06
13thSteve PennyRochester CC00:25:30
14thJamie HarrisWigmore CC00:25:41
15thJulien BartonWigmore CC00:26:06
16thMartin WallerSheppey Velo00:26:41
17thCameron CarthewWigmore CC00:27:07
18thPhillip SeysRochester CC00:27:13
19thKate SavageGravesend CC00:27:16
20thDavid LynchSheppey Velo00:27:22
21stSteve HarmanWigmore CC00:27:28
22ndChris SmithSheppey Velo00:28:07
23rdNick HowlettWigmore CC00:28:45
24thAdrian PikeSheppey Velo00:28:49
25thHoward WoodcockSheppey Velo00:30:32
26thFrankie FinchWigmore CC00:30:36
27thJake DobbinsWigmore CC00:31:39
28thMarin StoichkovWigmore CC00:32:04
29thDylan HarmanWigmore CC00:33:20
Glenn HutchinsonSheppey VeloD.N.F.

A full field of 30 riders (22-07-2020) gave the organisers plenty of work to do!

The club had 10 riders competing with more non-vets than vets. I can’t remember when that last happened. It was good to see three Go-Ride members competing, Frankie Finch just missed a P.B. whilst Dylan Harman improved by 1m 40s.

Meanwhile, young Jake Dobbins must have been pleased with his time of 31m 39s on his first ever 10 mile T.T.

Another member to improve was Marin Stoichkov, riding his second event he improved by 32s.

Do not compare your time with winner Neil Harringan’s time, Neil is not human he is a robot! Congratulations to Neil on an amazing time which we believe is a course record.

Top places in the various league competitions were as follows:

Scratch, club events, and Anderson points were Keith Walker, Jamie Harris, Julien Barton.

Vets, Keith Walker, Julien Barton, Steve Harman.

Hcp, Dylan Harman, Marin Stoichkov, Steve Harman.

Junior: Frankie Finch, Jake Dobbins, Dylan Harman.

Many thanks to all the helpers, they were, Anthony Bee, John Booty, Paul Buckley, Mike Finch, Kevin Ford, Clin Maisey, Len Osborn, Robert Philbrook and Alex Woolley.

Next Wednesday (29-07-2020) the start time is 19:15. Hope to see all of you there.


15th July 2020

E10 – Iwade Q10/20

1stJames HawkinsGemini RC00:22:42
2ndMartin JonesColour Tech00:22:45
3rdNeil HarriganGemini RC00:22:51
4thLee AustinSheppy Velo00:23:05
5thRob KennisonMedway Velo00:23:13
6thKeith WalkerWigmore CC00:23:34
7thNathan ParishPRTZ00:24:07
8thAlex WoolleySFA Abellio00:24:21
9thCliff Cunningham4T00:24:27
10thNathan WoodsSheppy Velo00:24:41
11thGlenn HutchinsonSheppy Velo00:24:44
12thLeighton DalleyElite Cycling00:24:45
13thSteve PennyRochester CC00:25:26
14thMatt NunnMedway Velo00:25:28
15thLuke HollandGemini RC00:25:32
16thJamie HarrisWigmore CC00:25:36
17thJulien BartonWigmore CC00:26:02
18thPhillip SeysRochester CC00:26:09
19thDavid BishopWigmore CC00:26:36
20thCameron CarthewWigmore CC00:26:54
21stWilliam WalsheLSCC00:27:08
22ndCody WhearLSCC00:27:30
23rdDave WastallWigmore CC00:27:49
23rdSteve HarmanWigmore CC00:27:49
25thNick HowlettWigmore CC00:28:41
26thAdrian PykeSheppy Velo00:28:57
27thHoward WoodcockSheppy Velo00:31:08
28thMarin Stoichkov00:32:52