2023 Hill Climbing Competition

Hill Climbing competition league table

Here is the final League Table of the competition, as of 23rd September 2023

See table below for climb numbers referred to in the headings.

1stKeith Walker1510801:1102:4611:5615:3811:4503:3804:2905:5706:0502:4001:1716:3703:3202:5504:46
2ndRichard Masters159701:0303:1514:2816:0813:1003:4705:0706:4606:2802:2201:1318:2503:2903:3105:33
3rdSteve Penny WCC/RochCC157601:3402:5514:0116:4214:1204:2306:1007:2707:1602:5301:4219:1704:4903:2105:48
4thCraig Millward137101:2302:5314:2817:4513:5904:0806:1607:2408:3602:4002:00--04:2605:41
5thMike Finch154301:5303:3719:1622:2515:4306:0106:3109:0708:3903:0802:0022:5505:1704:0206:50
6thMarin Stoichkov103601:4403:3116:3421:2316:3404:50-08:4708:3803:39---05:00-
7thCameron Carthew41801:2704:00---05:23---03:31-----
8thDave Wastall31701:42----04:5306:00--------
9thDavid Smith151602:5204:3625:3728:5821:3007:5411:4411:1615:3405:5605:2538:4907:3106:2409:29
10thJamie Harris (Wigmore CC)3902:22----05:07--------07:51
11thKevin F4802:2104:27-27:46-08:06---------
The 2023 hills

Click on the name of the hill to open a link to the Strava segment in a different tab.

Hill numberStrava NameLocationHeight Gain (m)Route Length (km)Max GradientAverage Gradient
1Basser HillLower Rainham Road before Raspberry Hill south on Basser Hill310.43 km11.30%7.20%
2Scocles FullSheppey Lower Road north to Minster.341.54 km11.60%1.70%
3Wormshill Climb FullSouth of Rodmersham Green to the top of the Downs.1606.55 km10.00%2.20%
4Mierscourt to Boxley TopFrom A2 Rainham onto Mierscourt Road.1638.05 km11.10%2.00%
5Pett Lane to Hollingbourne ClimbSouth of the A249 roundabout to M2, up & south to While Post1365.98 km6.90%2.00%
6Warren LaneHartlip to Queendown Warren611.87 km10.40%2.80%
7Hollingbourne Hill From M20From Hollingbourne village to the crest before While Post1483.58 km19.10%3.90%
8Cox St ClimbQueendown Warren to the Kent Showground982.92 km10.00%3.30%
9Underpass to Castle HillPast the Black Horse Thurnham - the real climbing starts.1251.98 km24.70%6.00%
10White Hill Road ClimbYelstead to Kemsley Street480.91 km13.40%5.10%
11Dargets Road ClimbWalderslade, Princes Avenue to the SE side of the valley.460.48 km15.60%9.50%
12Cuxton to Lockyers TopCuxton, through Lower Bush then SW the road to Buckland.1877.93 km25%2.00%
13Cobhambry RoadFrom the Bush Road Cuxton upwards to Cobham.711.53 km12.40%4.50%
14Chatham HillFrom 'The Brook' Chatham691.02 km9.20%6.70%
15Shoes to the Red DogCooling to High Halstow662.73 km7.70%1.80%
2023 Hill Climb Competition locations

The red circle identifies the area at a radius of 15 km from Rainham.

The 15 hills selected for the 2023 challenge are within this circle
and are all existing Strava segments.

All WCC members are welcome to take part and either send their results to Scorekeeper@wcc.bike or save the activity in Strava with “visibilty all” to permit result data to be collected.