2021 Evening 10s League Tables

All appropriate social distancing measure are in place. Events are sanctioned by CTT.

The Evening 10 Time trial tables

Scratch League – overall

As of 28th April 2021

PlaceNameBikeGenderCatClubPointsSeasons's best IwadeSeason's best Sheppey
1stPhil ApplebyTTMSnrWigmore CC5900:24:02-
2ndTom OdellRBMSnrWigmore CC5700:25:13-
3rdJamie HarrisTTMSnrWigmore CC5500:25:30-
4thJulien BartonRBMVetWigmore CC5200:26:21-
5thCameron CarthewRBMSnrWigmore CC5200:25:57-
6thKate SavageTTFSnrWigmore CC4900:27:26-
7thDave WastallRBMVetWigmore CC4700:27:56-
8thFrankie FinchRBMJnrWigmore CC4400:30:11-
9thKeith WalkerTTMVetWigmore CC3000:23:33-
10thAdrienn RoccoRBFVetWigmore CC2200:35:49-
11thDave BishopTTMVetWigmore CC2200:28:27-
12thHarry BrownRBMJnrWigmore CC2100:37:30-
13thDylan HarmanRBMJnrWigmore CC2000:36:31-
Scratch League – Juniors

As of 28th April 2021

PlaceNameBikeGenderCatClubTotal pointsSeason's best Iwade
1stFrankie FinchRBMJnrWigmore CC6000:30:11
2ndHarry BrownRBMJnrWigmore CC2900:30:05
3rdDylan HarmanRBMJrWigmore CC2900:36:31
Total points

As of 28th April 2021. Compiled by Clin Maisey

Phil Appleby49-34190
Julien Barton421934120
Antony Bee000182
Dave Bishop1781120
Harry Brown16-111-
Paul Buckley----1
Cameron Carthew42-35120
Jake Dobbins0-00-
Frankie Finch34-324-
Mike Finch----2
kevin Ford----2
Dylan Harman15-100-
Steve Harman00000
Jamie Harris45-33150
Nick Howlet00000
Clin Maisey----2
Richard Masters----2
Franco Dela Mura00000
Len Osborne----0
Tom O Dell47-40170
Adrienn Rocco1781220
Kate Savage39-2890
Dave Smith----1
Rodney Smith00001
Martin Trice----2
Keith Walker251012280
Ian Ward00000
Dave Wastall37162970
Bill Winsor00001