2020 Total points

These are the total points awarded across the 2020 season for authorised Wigmore CC events.

26th August 2020
Alex Woolley------1
Antony Bee91992-95
Cameron Carthew3595-37-35-
Clin Maisey------6
Dave Bishop35953924-35-
Dave Smith------3
Dave Wastall15551813-15-
Dylan Harman545-30355-
Franco Dela Mura8281216-8-
Frankie Finch1040-11301-
Graham Strugnell------1
Jake Dobbins424-9184-
Jamie Harris46106-27-46-
John Booty------5
Julien Barton421024937-42-
Keith Walker571175731-57-
Kevin Ford-----4
Len Osborne------4
Marin Stoichkov626-22-6-
Martin Trice------3
Mike Finch------5
Nick Howlet19693027-19-
Paul Buckley------6
Phil Appleby818-8-8-
Richard Masters------2
Robert Philbrook------2
Rodney Smith2040207-20-
Rowan Dobbins------1
Steve Harman18582631-181
Tom Odell313-10-3-

Meticulously compiled by Clin Maisey