Roller racing rules

    1. There are two categories;
      1. Adults
      2. Youths – aged up to 16 (youths will be deemed inclusive as long as they are 16 or younger on the night of the  November Social Night).
    2. Points are awarded for placings on the night, with 20pts for 1st place, 19pts for 2nd, etc down to 1pt for 20th Adults and youths will have their own leagues.
    3. A total of eight roller rides are available at the social nights, from November to June (see here for a full schedule of dates). We will not include the summer months of July – September in the racing season.
    4. Rider’s points from their top six placings will be taken into consideration.
    5. Prizes are:
      1. Adults – the WCC 500m Roller Racing Champ plaque, awarded annually;
      2. Youths – a trophy individually engraved which can be kept.
    6. Both awards are to be presented at the Annual Club Dinner.
    7. Only rides completed on the social nights will be taken into consideration.
    8. Trophies are open to first claim riders only, but all are welcome to compete.
    9. If a youth wins the adult prize then the youth trophy will roll to 2nd
    10. Any changes to the social night calendar which may impact the evenings that can be taken into account will be addressed fairly should the issue arise.