2020 Zwift League

Here are the final standings of the 2020 Winter Zwift League.

PlaceNameTotal points# of 1sts# of 2nds# of 3rds
1stSteve Penny (Rochester CC)18201056
2ndColin Robinson (Thanet RC)152097
3rdJamie Harris (Wigmore CC)117523
4thCameron Carthew (Wigmore CC)825214
5thPhil Appleby (Wigmore CC)43023
6thRay Gunner (Wigmore CC)3451
7thFranco Della Mura (Wigmore CC)290
8thDave Wastall (Rochester CC)27011
9thBen Blakeman (Thanet RC)2501
10thPeter Hancox (Thanet RC)210
11thMartin Hunter (Rochester CC)190
12thEd Everall1351
13thPhillip Seys (Rochester CC)1201
14thOllie Robinson (Indulek-Doltcini-Derito CT)801
15thLuke Anderson (Wigmore CC)701
16thAaron Glover (Rochester CC)60
17thPaul Flaherty (Canterbury CC)60

Congratulations to Steve Penney and highest place Wigmore rider, Jamie Harris.