EKCX Rnd 4 – 19/12/2021

East Kent Cyclocross League – Round 4 – Lydden Hill –  19/12/2021

The penultimate round of the East Kent Cyclocross League saw a return to a historic CX venue in the form of Lydden Hill the home of British Rally Cross.

The course was a good mix of terrain with different sections of each lap favouring different riding styles. Slick off-camber sections more akin to an ice rink, two gravel climbs, steep banks and a tarmac section utilising the famous race track.


Henry Twynam had a close battle but brought home the win in the under 10’s.
Riley Wastall had an even closer battle ending with a sprint finish which he won by just half a wheel to take 3rd place.

Miles Anderson rode to an impressive 5th place.

Having missed Round 3 it was great to see Ewan Delaney back on his cross bike and he picked up a solid 9th place.

Summer Cass rode another determined race to finish in 5th place.


Rowan Murphy finished in 4th place and was just a couple of seconds from a podium spot.

Joe Cass finished in 9th place without ending up on the deck once, so I’ll be asking for some tips from Joe for next time!


Chris Murphy picked up another top 20 finish in the V40’s taking home 19th spot.

Dave Bishop improved his 41st place finish in round 3 in the V50’s this time finishing in 36th


Both riders suffered dropped chains on the final lap due to the mud and grass clogging drive trains despite using clutch rear derailleurs (Lesson learned, chain catcher to be ordered)

Both riders also had moments rolling around in the mud which is not usually the most efficient way around a cross course.

You’ve Been Framed’esque pictures if you want something to chuckle at.
Eventually, Jamie Harris and Cameron Carthew finished in 16th and 17th respectively.

Round 5

The 5th and final round will at Betteshanger Country Park on the 16th January.

Entry is available here: https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/events/details/254080/East-Kent-Cyclo-Cross-League-Round-5-BetteshangerCross

Photo Credits

Kirsty Wastall, Danielle Mallaghan, Nathan Delaney, Luke Anderson, Charlotte Wilkin