2022 Total Points

Total points for season 2022

As of 24th August 2022. Meticulously compiled by Clin Maisey (explanations below)

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NameEvents enteredClubVetsHandicapJuniorAndersonHelpers
Luke Anderson0----480
Phil Appleby9309-141-1511
Julien Barton9284166144-502
Antony Bee2613923-6615
Dave Bishop61689692-200
Steve Bishop4945655-20
Paul Buckley-----3413
Cameron Carthew10296-137-1192
Ryan Cottis8300-145-1232
Chris Dunton-----1
Ed Everall10318-143-1252
Frankie Finch129-191000
Mike Finch1241515-01
Kevin Ford1311518-312
Paul Foye----430
Steve Gibson-----1
Steve Harman11299165172-282
Jamie Harris10308-134-1661
Nick Howlet1281614-43
Jackie Hunter------1
Clin Maisey-----13
Richard Masters8238140127-314
Craig Millward2653339-60
Franco Delo Mura41156862-201
Len Osborne-----4
Steve Penny9286169139-922
Adrienn Rocco1271420-00
Kate Savage6137-73-52
Dave Smith-----3
Rodney Smith1292010-90
Duncan Tippins10275159144-301
Martin Trice----90
Marin Stochkov384-58-0-
Keith Walker12359200159-2652
Dave Wastall11308164165-572
Charlotte Wilkins------3
League table explanations

Club Events: awarded 25 points for 1st, 1 point for 25th position. Best 12 positions to count.

Handicap: improved time. Most improved time gets 20 points; 1 point for 20th most improved time.

Vets: on age standard. 10 points for 1st, 1 point for 10th. Best 10 positions to count.

Juniors, 10 points for 1st position, 1 point for 10th. Best 8 positions to count.

Anderson Points: is to encourage members to ride any bike racing event. Riders score in any race event on the calendar including track, CX, MTB, road races or TTs. 10 points for 1st, 1 point for 10th.

Club events including other clubs events

Open events, includes time trials, road races and track and off-road events, 20 points for 1st position, 1 point for 20th position.

If we have to cancel some events the number of events to count may be reduced.