2024 Hill Climbing Competition Tables

Here is the League Table, as of 1st May 2024

See list below for climb numbers referred to in the headings.

1stKeith Walker928-08:12---04:3403:2206:3403:1203:1603:5204:4902:36--
2ndSimon Osborn51702:5708:58-----07:10---04:26--02:37
3rdRichard Masters616--07:25-----04:23-06:3004:3202:40-02:30
4thJamie Harris (Wigmore CC)210-------07:38---04:29---
5thMike Finch6903:55-11:21----08:5205:1604:32----03:36
6thSteve Penny WCC/RochCC47------05:3508:43-04:40-05:44---
7thDavid Smith66--16:2509:33-07:44-12:20---06:5906:11--
8thDave Wastall25-----05:41-----04:55---
Climb numberName
1Chatham Hill (railway bridge to bus lights)
2Birling Hill (full)
3WCC Scragged Oak Climb #16
4Gallant Lane (Full)
5cliffe road
6Frinsted Climb
7Cobhambury Road
8Climb up Captone Road towards Lidsing
9Cold Blow Lane, Thurnham
10Faversham Road Uphill
11Boxley Road climb, Walderslade
12Warren Lane
13Straight Hill Stockbury
14South Green Climb
15Col de Rue d'Ecole