WCC Time Trial Series 2020

This seasons evening time trial series to be held over 17 consecutive Wednesday evenings starting at Iwade on the 22nd April running through to the 12th August.

There will be seven events held at Iwade, three of these events being inter-club competitions with Medway Velo club.

There will be six events at Charing on the Q10/44 course ( A2O Charing to Ashford and return). These events will be held alongside the San Fairy Ann CC. One of these events on the 24 June will be over the longer distance of 15 miles.

There is just one event at the Isle of Grain this season, to be held as an inter-club event with the Medway Velo club on the 3rd of June.

Wigmore will be promoting a new event on the recently sanctioned Q10/45 course. This course is basically two laps of the Old Sheppey Way. I believe, having ridden this course a few times to prove its safety and practicality, that it will be quicker, and in my opinion, more exciting than the Iwade course we presently have in use.

We will be holding this brand new event over 3 consecutive Wednesday’s in July (8th, 15th and 22nd) with a 7.30 pm start.

So, lots to look forward to this year, and instead of watching the TV on a Wednesday night, why wouldn’t you want to feel the burn in your legs and lungs for 20 minutes or so, and enjoy a well-earned pint afterwards.

Please come along and have a dig!

WCC Time Trial Series 2020 dates:
Date Location Course Start Time
22 April Iwade Q10/20 6:45pm
29 April Iwade Q10/20 7pm
6th May Iwade Q10/20 7pm
13th May Charing Q10/44 7pm
20th May Charing Q10/44 7pm
27th May Charing Q10/44 7:30pm
3rd June Iwade Q10/20 7pm
10th June Charing Q10/44 7:30pm
17th June Grain Q10/24 7pm
24th June Charing

Q15/7 (15 miles)

1st July Iwade Q10/20 7pm
8th July Old Sheppey Way (Iwade) Q10/45 7:30pm
15th July Old Sheppey Way (Iwade) Q10/45 7:30pm
22nd July Old Sheppey Way (Iwade) Q10/45 7:30pm
29th July Charing Q10/44 7:30pm
5th Aug Iwade Q10/20 7pm
12th Aug Iwade Q10/20 7pm

by Anthony Bee