Awards for 2018

Dave Bedford 10 mile trophy

This is awarded to the rider with the fastest time in a 10 mile T.T.

Dave has been a member of the Wigmore for many years and presented this cup to the club in 1987.

Dave was one of Kent’s top racing cyclist in the 1970s. He won the Kent Cycling Association B.A.R. in 1970, 1972 and 1973. In 1973 he set a club record 12 hour covering 251 miles which stood for 30 years.

The club record for 100 mile became Dave’s in 1975 with a superb time of 4h 1m 15s, which stood for 35 years.

Each year Dave engraves all the club trophies.

The Charlie Staff memorial shield

This shield goes to the fastest 15 mile T.T.

Charlie who sadly passed away a few years ago and this shield was given to the club in 2009.

In 1956 Charlie became the first Wigmore member to ride a 25 mile T.T. in less than 1 hour.

He probably had a fixed gear. 48 tooth front ring and a 16 tooth rear sprocket. His average cadence for the 25 miles would have been 100 rpm.

25 mile trophies

There are two 25 mile cups to win. The oldest is the Len Chambers trophy dating back to 1952.

Len was a local cycle shop owner in Rochester. Most local cyclist bought their bikes from Len. I remember paying 3 shillings, that’s 15 new pence each week in the late 50s for my bike, a Rotrax, which cost £30.

Len was always thinking of drinks to improve his performance and one of them was mixing raw eggs and tin milk together. It looked revolting when you were mixing it and did not taste much better when you drank it.

The other trophy is the Bill Philbrook memorial 25, which is awarded to the fastest Wigmore member in the club open 25 mile event and has been contested for sunce 1987.

Bill was an excellent cycle frame builder and had his workshop in Ardent Street Gillingham. He was president of the club for many years.

R.A. Burns 50 mile cup

Mr Burns was a councillor for the old Gillingham Borough Council, where some members of the club worked. They included Peter Milner a founder member of the club and his wife Rene.

Mr Burns became a regular guest at the club Dinner and Prize presentations.

This trophy was presented to the club in 1962.

The Fairyland 100 mile trophy

In the 1950s the club meet at the Fairyland social club every Monday evening.

It was at the top of Hoath Way, just before the Spyglass and Kettle pub. A Skoda garage occupies the sight now. Most Mondays about 50 members would arrive on their bikes and left them outside the club. Every now and again a bike would be missing but we knew where to find it.

It was nearly always taken by someone late for work at BoWaters packaging factory at the bottom of Hoath Way and left outside the factory gates. This is now a Tesco shopping store. The trophy was given to the club in 1964.

12 Hour trophy

This ia awarded for the greatest distance covered in 12 hours.

It was first won in 1957 by John Booty. Amazingly 50 years later in 2007, John was once again the 12 hour Trophy winner. That must be a club record for winning the same trophy 50 years later.

Road Race Cups

There are three road race trophies to be won. They are for seniors, juniors and ladies, and are engraved M.S. Which means massed start. This is what road races were called in the early days of bunch racing.

Len Payne Off Road Trophy

Len had a cycle shop in Rainham gave this trophy to the club in 1998. It goes to the rider with the best results in Mountain bike and cyclo-cross events.

Hill Climb trophies

There are 3 awards for the shortest race. They are the club hill climb trophy, first awardedin 1992. This goes to the fastest club member in the club open hill climb.

The Medway Towns trophy, which is awarded to the fastest rider from the Medway V.C. and Wigmore C.C. This was donated by Bob Read a local cyclist and great friend of both clubs.

A new trophy to the fastest rider from any club based in Medway was donated by Clin Maisey in 2016.

Cyclerama Award

This is awarded for the most meritorious cycle ride or racing achievement.

Cyclerama was a cycle shop in Maidstone Road, Rochester. The owner Dave often came to the club room and advised members on bike maintenance, including how to build wheels.

Dave presented this award to the club in 1987.

Tourist Shield

Awarded for a long tour ride.

Originally awarded in 1951 to the club member gaining most points on Sunday club rides.

All day club rides gave you 3 points, half day 2 points. With upto 50 members on these rides it was very competitive to win this shield.
Club member of the Year

This is awarded to the club member who’s outstanding voluntary work helps the club function successfully. It was first awarded in 1991.

Presidents Trophy

Originally the short distance B.A.R. based on 25, 50 and 100 mile T.T. speeds first awarded in 1992. The B.A.,R. is now based on the riders two fasest 10 mile and 25 mile times.

B.A.R. Trophy

First winner was founder member Peter Milner in 1951.

You had to finish a 25, 50 and 100 mile T.T., plus a 12 hour event. With fewer members willing to ride a 12 hour event it is now based on 25, 50 and 100 mile T.T.

Track Shield

This is a fairly new shield and was first awarded in 2014. The only track racing in the 1950s was Herne Hill track or grass track racing. There was the Kent grass track leaque with events held in the evening’s at various venous in the county. The club hired Rainham recreation ground each year and held a club grass track championship. The winner usually received a medal.

Anderson points cup

Points are awarded for finishing in the top 10 positions in club events and top 20 placings in open events. Preston Anderson donated thps cup in 1996.

Go-ride trophies

There are two trophies for Go-ride members to win.

The National points trophy which goes to the rider gaining most points awarded by British Cycling in certain events, many of these are held at the Gravesend Cycko Park.

There is also the Paul Buckley Go-ride Champion. The club coaches decide who has contributed most to the Go-ride sessions during the year.

Evening Events

There are 5 leagues based on the evening events, they are as follows:

Scratch, Hcp and Vets leagues, with your best 8 positions to count. 10 points for the winner 1 point for 10 place
Junior league with only the Iwade events counting. The best 4 events to count with 10 points for 1st position and 1 point for 10th.
Club events league have 12 events to count.{ unless there are a lot of cancellations}. With 20 points to the winner down to 1 for 20th place.
The John Booty club events trophy is awarded to the winner of this league.
It was first awarded in 1969 when the club held many club events at 10 and 25 miles. With most clubs organising their own events, entries for open events were becoming less. The C.T.T. S.E. district decided to ban club events on the same day of an open events. It was decided to have an evening league for this trophy rather than leaving it in a members loft.

The club have trophies for roller racing and I-Majic racing. Unfortunately, these have not been contested since we left our old club room.

If members are interested in these events maybe the club could have some sessions at the Howard School?

Clin Maisey