Time Trials

Our Time Trial Series kick off every year in April at the Iwade (Q10/20) course; where they stay generally for about 3 three weeks. A brief foray over the incredibly fast (but windy) Grain circuit, before heading over to Harrietsham to join up with San Fairy Ann time trial events.

Events run throughout the summer, all the way up to August, and include 15 and 25 mile tests, amongst the standard 10 mile distances. For a full list of dates and locations, check out our Facebook pages.

As always, Clin will be keeping a log of your rides, and will be determining the overall Champion, the winning Veteran, the Handicap champ, scratch champion, and a whole host of other champions. These will be based on rider’s best 8 rides throughout the year. Riders are asked to help marshal 2 events during the year. If there are enough helpers from non-racing members then one event may be all you have to do!


The Junior League winner will be won by the rider under 18 with the best 4 placings from the first 6 Iwade events.

Points are awarded in the club evening events for the various leagues.  Your best 8 places count in the Handicap, Scratch and Vets Leagues; with 10 points for 1st position all the way down to 1 point for 10th place.

In the Club Events League, 10 events count, with a massive 20 points for the winner, down to 1 for 20th place.

The Anderson Point’s Trophy competition covers all events, including off road, road races, time trials and track.  The winner in club events gets 10 points. In open races the winner gets 20 points, although if you are competing in an International race then 30 points are yours should you win! Points go down according to your position, so 1 point for finishing in 20th place in any open race event.

Other trophy’s that can be won are as follows:
Trophies for 10, 15, 25, 50 and 100 mile time trial in both club and open events, to the fastest ride during the season + the furthest distance covered in a 12 hour event.
Best All Round (BAR) goes to the rider with the fastest average speed over 25, 50, and 100 mile Time trials..
Short distance BAR is the rider with the fastest average over 2X10 and 2×25 mile Time Trials.

Hill Climb Awardgoes to the fastest rider in the club open hill climb in October.
Off Road Award goes on points gained in all events. Paul Buckley organises the points system.
Road Race Award again goes on points system, managed by Road Sec Jason Nind.
The Track Champion is awarded by Track Sec Phil Appleby.
Cyclerama Award is given to the most meritorious ride of the season.
There is also a Touring Award for a noteworthy Tour, Audax or Sportive ride or rider.

And Last but not least, the Clubman/Lady of the Year is warded to the most worth person who gave up their own time to help with the running of the club.