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Are you interested in joining the Go-Ride team and becoming a British Cycling qualified coach?

There are thee levels of coaching to work through from Level 1 to Level 3. Level 1 is where you start and is an on-line course followed by two “contact days” (you go somewhere like Cyclopark and have face-to-face instruction with a qualified trainer) and an assessment. It allows you to coach at the basic level and write coaching plans from a guide book.

You move on to Level 2 which is a much more intensive course and involves more online learning followed by 2 more “contact days” and an assessment. After you achieve your Level 2, if you want to, you can complete one of the discipline specific modules (so, Level 2 Road and Time Trial, Cyclocross, Mountain Bike or BMX).

If you want to move beyond Go-Ride coaching into performance coaching of individuals, then Level 3 is for you. You need have achieved a Level 2 discipline specific qualification before you can start a Level 3 course. Level 3 is all online and takes 38 weeks to complete!

To become fully qualified at any of these Levels, you also need to have:

      1. Emergency First Aid at Work qualification
      2. DBS certificate

More information can be found here:

Course fees

Course fees are spelt out in the link above. However, as the club benefit greatly from putting people through coaching qualifications, they fees can be reimbursed. After discussing and agreeing to become a qualified Wigmore CC British Cycling coach, the deal is:

      1. You book the course yourself and pay for it.
      2. You submit the receipt to the Wigmore CC Treasurer and you will be reimbursed half of the fees.
      3. On completion of the course, from the date of qualification, after one full year of showing commitment by regularly running and leading coached session at the Go-Ride, you can apply to have the second half of your fees reimbursed.
      4. There is also a cost for a first aid course and for a DBS check and you can have these reimbursed in full after supplying a receipt to the Wigmore CC Treasurer.

If you’re interested in becoming a Wigmore CC Go-Ride coach, then we encourage you to do so as it can be very rewarding and can only help in your personal development. Please talk to one of the coaches at any of our Go-Ride sessions, or email: