2019 Evening 10s

5th June 2019

E10 – Iwade Q10/20

1stAntony BeeWigmore CC22:55
2ndSam PainterZero BC23:14
3rdJoe AustinSheppey Velo23:25
4thKeith WalkerWIgmore CC23:29
5thTom KnightMedway Velo24:59
6thMatt NunnMedway Velo25:15
7thFraser BlandfordMedway Velo25:40
8thMalcolm DayMedway Velo25:47
9thRichard StokoeMedway Velo26:22
10thJulien BartonWigmore CC26:31
11thFinn DuntonWigmore CC26:35
12thRob SappMedway Velo26:35
13thRichard MastersWigmore CC26:57
14thNick HowlettWigmore CC27:29
15thCharlie BruceMedway Velo28:38
16thFrankie FinchWigmore CC29:36
17thSean McNeillSheppey Velo34:57
29th May 2019

E10 – Iwade Q10/20

Abandoned due to adverse weather conditions.

22nd May 2019

E10 – Iwade Q10/20

Abandoned due to an accident.

15th may 2019

E10 – Iwade Q10/20

1stJoe AustinSheppey VC25:20
2ndPhil ApplebyWigmore CC25:32
3rdFinn DuntonWigmore CC27:24
4thRichard MastersWigmore CC27:43
5thJamie HarrisWigmore CC27:52
6thDave BishopWigmore CC28:46
7thNick HowlettWigmore CC29:11
8thFrankie FinchWigmore CC30:51
9thDylan HarmanWigmore CC36:29
8th May 2019

This was cancelled due to an accident at the first corner of the course. 

With oil and debris on the corner, it was decided to be too dangerous to let the event begin.


1st May 2019

E10 – Iwade Q10/20 – co-hosted with Medway VC

1stAnthony BeeWigmore CC23m 34s
2ndRodney SmithWigmore CC23m 55s
3rdKeith WalkerWigmore CC24m 13s
4thAlexander CookMedway VC25m 03s
5thPhil ApplebyWigmore CC25m 21s
6thMatt NunnMedway VC25m 37s
7thFraiser BlandyardMedway VC25m 46s
8thRob KennisonMedway VC26m 00s
9thMalcolm DayMedway VC26m 09s
10thDean PainterMedway Tri26m 18s
11thJamie HarrisWigmore CC26m 27s
12thFinn DuntonWigmore CC26m 43s
13thJulien BartonWigmore CC26m 54s
14thRob SappMedway VC27m 11s
15thRosie WallaceLiv AWOL27m 37s
16thMichael StanleyMedway VC28m 33s
17thNigel WhartonMedway VC28m 39s
18thPaul ThomasMedway VC29m 10s
19thRichard MastersWigmore CC29m 14s
20thKevin FordWigmore CC29m 28s
21stFrankie FinchWigmore CC30m 27s
22ndKaren FloryMedway VC31m 24s
23rdRyan RidleySTri32m 21s
24thDylan HarmanWigmore CC35m 55s
24th April 2019

E10 – Iwade Q10/20

1stSam PainterZero B.C.23m 42s
2ndKeith WalkerWigmore C.C.24m 05s
3rdAlex WoolleySheppey Velo24m 12s
4thPhil ApplebyWigmore C.C.25m 28s
5thLuke ColemanQ.R.C.C.26m 09s
6thDean PainterMedway Tri26m 28s
7thLeighton Dalley4T+26m 37s
8thVictoria FearnTwickenham C.C.26m 58s
9thFinn DuntonWigmore C.C.27m 09s
10thJulian BartonWigmore C.C.27m 16s
11thSteve HarmanWigmore C.C.28m 21s
12thRichard MastersWigmore C.C.28m 53s
13thKevin FordWigmore C.C.30m 21s
14thShelly CokerWigmore C.C.30m 22s
15thDylan HarmanWigmore C.C.35m 00s